Ban all Banana Clips

Got back from the Surf Expo, helping my friend with her non-profit organization.  We were introducing the amazing Original Kudu Clip to all the attendees in Orlando, Florida.  I kept seeing one women after another walking by with one of those ugly, and sometimes painful claw clips in their hair.  I wanted to grap them and enlighten them.  There is a better way! Everyone that came by and showed an interest, we immediately reformed and transformed.  We were thinking of putting out a recycle bin for all those claw clips!   Put one beautiful Kudu clip in thieir hair, and they feel comfortable and snug.  Better yet, show them the tons of options of hairstyles and they are hooked.

Of course we got a few of “Oh my hair is too thin, that will never stay in” and “My hair is to thick for any hair clip”.  Needless to say,wer reformed and transformed each and every one of them into believers. Next objection was that they could not put them in their hair themselves.  10 out of 10 got the hair clip in the very 1st time!

Knowing they were helping a non-profit organization that supports children in both Haiti and African, and wildlife conservation was just a bonus.

Original Kudu Clips

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